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Uno online can be described as a wildly popular four-way card game invented. You play your cards that match the pile either color or the number. Make use of special cards to take out your opponents and also clear your hands to take home the prize! Make sure to use the word "UNO" whenever you have the last card in your hand.

Which are the current Uno rules?
Next, the player gets "skipped".
reverses the direction of the play.
Draw 2:
The player next to you must draw 2 cards or lose one turn.
Draw 4:
Changes the current color and the next player has to draw 4 cards , and lose one turn.
Wild Card:
You can use this card to change the color of the match.
Challenge Draw 4:
If you suspect that the player who performed the draw 4 on you holds one of the same color, you are able to take on this person. If you're correct that player will draw 4 cards in place of you. If you don't, you'll draw 4 cards, plus two more!
Challenge UNO:
Contest your opponent's decision to failing to play UNO. If they're in the wrong, your opponent has to draw 2 cards!
Cards with +2 and +4 can be placed on top of each other. +2 cards can only be stacked on +2. You can only play +2 with a +2 when holding a +2 or +4. The player who isn't able to add the stack to it must draw the entire stack.
If someone plays a seven the player is required to change hands with a player. When a player plays a 0 the entire group rotates their hands to the direction of the game.
Force Play:
In the event that you choose to draw a card that is playable the card will play in a way that is automatic.
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