Thumb Fighter

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Thumb Fighter Game,.a multiplayer or single fighting game, is based on the old-fashioned thumb wars. It was created by AVIX Games. Any browser that supports HTML5 can play thumb fighter. Thumb Fighter allows you to engage in one-on-one finger battles. Thumb Fighter will challenge you to join hands and fight for the top spot. You have the option to play with funny-looking digits like Bobbie, Red Bro or BatThumb. You can jump on top by waiting for the other thumb drop. To prove that you are the Thumb War Champion, play Thumb Fighter online.

How do you play Thumb Fighter?
Play with a friend. Choose "P1 or P2". You can also play against the computer if you're alone by selecting "P1 Vs CPU". You can then choose the look of your thumb fighter. The countdown starts. The countdown begins. Player 1 uses the "A", while player 2 uses the "L" keys on the keyboard. The person whose thumb stays on top for the longest time is the winner.

Who made this game?
Avix Games is the creator of Thumb Fighter. They are based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). They also created Thumb fighter Christmas, thumb Fighter Halloween exceptions, Stone Age architect, and many other games!



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