Sonic Delta

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Sonic Delta 2 is an amazing hack of Sonic where the goal is to restore a number of deleted levels as well as prototype elements to Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The order of levels is directly as received the freshly applied Data Select food selection:

Eco-friendly Hill Zone: Straight from Sonic 1!
Emerald Green Hillside Zone: Includes model format elements, as well as the Coconut badniks are replaced with the junked Snail badniks.
Wintertime Hillside Zone: The graphics that are utilized differ any type of summaries ever offered of the winter season level, apart from the winter season setup. There are trees present however not Xmas trees. Additionally, no graphics from the (likewise scrapped) desert degree, Dirt Hillside Zone, are reused; this varies from the official group's plans for it to be largely a palette-swap (comparable to what Hillside Top Zone is of Emerald Hillside Area). The BGM and manager made use of are those of Marble Zone from Sonic 1.
Timber Zone: The graphics resemble what is seen in the Simon Wai model. It uses a different BGM (2 gamer Emerald green Hill Area, however slower). It recycles the ARZ Employer.
Dirt Hill Zone: Uses graphics similar to the mockup screenshot of Dust Hill Area that was included in several publications. It's a desert-only setting. The BGM used is from Oil Sea Area yet slower. In charge of Emerald green Hillside Area is reused for this degree, without any changes.
Chemical Plant Area: Small minor alterations were made, such as the loops having actually slanted corners, like in the model.
Maze Zone: From Sonic 1.
Neo Environment-friendly Hill Area: Sonic 2's ARZ with its model name, as well as music.
Celebrity Light Area: From Sonic 1.
Online Casino Night Area: As discussed formerly, it has actually been reverted to its beta kind.
Marbled Zone: From Sonic 1.
Hill Top Zone
Springtime Backyard Zone: From Sonic 1.
Mystic Cave Zone
Hidden Palace Zone: The graphics and also format are the same as those discovered in the Nick Gallery model. The BGM used is the same that was utilized in the final version of Sonic 2. A lift can be discovered on the lengthy ramp; this was unused in the Nick Gallery prototype. The previous area's manager is repeated in this zone.
Oil Ocean Zone-- 'beta design', with various music as well as the ride-able spheres discovered in the betas.
Metropolitan area Area
Genocide City Area: The history graphics of Oil Ocean Area are reused yet in a night-time setting. The foreground also reuses graphics from Chemical Plant Zone Regardless of having 2 acts, there is no act marker on the title card. Water can be found in Act 2. The Chemical Plant Area employer is reused below.
Scrap Brain Zone: From Sonic 1.
Final Zone: Additionally from Sonic 1.
Sky Fortress Zone
Skies Chase Area.
Death Egg Area: Somewhat various because: A. You get 3 rings to start the zone, and B. The songs is from the beta