Run 3

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Run 3 is an endless racer game in which you have to guide your alien through the universe. Run 3 was created by Joseph Cloutier and is the third installment of the Run game series. Run 3 is now available in HTML5 and allows you to play the game without Flash support. It is possible to play the game online at no cost on your computer.

The goal is to Run as fast as you can without falling. slip! Beware of falling traps, tiles, holes and more while you go from one level to another. If you crash into walls the screen will turn. The intense action game and endless runner will take you on an awe-inspiring adventure through a very restricted space. You have to guide the grey creature as it travels through ever-changing terrains. Explore any wall to discover the most secure route and discover how long you'll last!

How do I perform Run 3?
Arrows to move
Space or Up arrows to jump
R resets to reset
P to stop the game
Do I have the ability to play Run 3 with no Flash?
Yes that's right, the classic Run 3 game can be played on Poki without Flash. Also, no flash is required to play it on your smartphone, PC as well as tablets!

Who came up with Run 3?
Run 3 is created by Joseph Cloutier, based in the USA. It is also known as the designer of Run and Run 2. and Run 2. and Run 2.. Run 3 is amongst the most played game titles on Poki along with other classics on the internet such as Happy Wheels.

How to play Run 3?
Arrows to move
Space or Up arrow to jump
R to reset
P to pause the game


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