Poppy Play Game : Playtime Huggy Wuggy

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Poppy Play Game : Playtime Huggy Wuggy characters and squid dolls that play traditional hide-and-seek games. If you've heard of Poppy Horror is it time to start playing this game. Don't let the huggy and wuggy get you. As scary squid dolls can find the location of your body, how and when you'll be discovered is entirely the decision of you. Take on the role of hunter or a smuggler. You'll need to locate your ideal shelters in order to remain secure and safe, and also become the last survivor of the mystery. You can hide in the grass, in the water or in the cornfield, or wherever you'd like to get away from your boss, and then push other players out of the vision of the seeker. It's a lot of enjoyable! Hide and Seek game is amazing features: Relaxing, enjoyable and addicting. A fun and exciting race with a hider or seeker Find and hide in gorgeous 3D images. Play for free and escape your troubles in your own path High-performance hide and seek. Let's begin your journey of endless fun with the traditional Poppy game of hide and seek!

Enjoy brand new poppy game characters and squid survival dolls in old classic hide and seek games If you ever know about Poppy Horror character it s Playtime for you to get start in this game Don t let huggy and wuggy