Paper Racers Boomerang

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Paper Racers is a great game for those who like speed and fast cars. Tom and Jerry will be racing against their Boomerang friends. You can meet many of your favorite Boomerang friends like Shaggy, Bugs, Duffy and Scooby, and then compete against them. Only the best team will win!

Your goal is to drive until you get the first place, just like in a race game. You can choose your team and design your dream car. All you need to do now is choose your favorite track and go! Do you have the speed to win?

How to play the game
This is not an easy race! You will need to change lanes in order to pass your competitors. To do this, press the Up and Down arrow key on your keyboard. Be careful not to get hit and aim for first!

First, choose the right team! You can then choose a car to customize by adding stickers or painting it your favorite color. You will find more ways to make your car look cool as you play.

Next, you need to choose the best location for your race. You have three options for racing tracks, each with a different difficulty level. The easiest track will award you the most coins, while the second will offer a higher prize. You might be able to conquer the most difficult race if you practice hard.

You should also know:
You will earn more coins and be able buy upgrades for your car. You will have better chances of winning the first place by having a better set of wheels. You can also modify the vehicle's appearance by purchasing stickers featuring your favorite characters.

You will have a better chance of finding coins on a more difficult track. Pay attention to the signs and grab as many coins as you can! You might notice that every player receives a different amount as a prize. It is important to keep up with the game and not lose sight of this fact.

Your competition will slow you down as you drive! Avoid falling for their tricks, and stay clear of all obstacles. You will feel a slight speed boost if you can get onto the ramp.

What are you saying? Choose your favorite team and build your car to compete against Boomerang characters.

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