Imposter Mission

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Imposter Mission, Are you a fan? Jump aboard and explore the mysterious world Space League. Imposter Solo kill may be right for you.

Crew and space legends await you. Jump aboard the mysterious spaceship and hunt down all living legends. Your mission is simple: eliminate all of them, escape the riot, and become the impostor heroes. This is your battle for the mysterious space world. Don't get too excited about your own achievements.

While you, the impostor will have to overcome many obstacles and challenges while completing your legendary mission in the mysterious spaceship, Let's get rid of the crewmate team. You have the chance to tackle the most difficult missions.

Keep in mind that all the crew members, including those from the yellow, green and blue crews, are your crewmates. Your mission is to make sure that all crew members are executed. Only you and your crew will survive. Join the ranks with impostor legends.

Imposter Solo Kill is addictive and can be fun.

The Imposter Solo kill is the most advanced weapon and skin system.

There are many obscure and difficult game modes.

There are many hidden weapons and skins that you can find.


Tap to move around the ship, kill crew members and sabotage items.

When all of your crew members are dead, the level is completed.


It's easy to understand.

These levels are constantly updated

Beautiful skins and beautiful weapons will attract imposters

Explore the vast and mysterious space world



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