Friday Night Funkin X Touhou 2

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Friday Night Funkin X Touhou 2. in which Boyfriends battle cute Touhou characters to create catchy songs.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend decided that they would go for a walk through the forest on Friday afternoons. However, their poor senses of orientation mean that they end up getting lost every time and eventually arrive at Gensokyo.

Week 1: Rap Battle against Reimu Hakurei at The Hakurei Shrine (4 great songs)
Love Consultation
A Colorful Path
Red and white
Dream Battle
Week 2: Marisa Kirisame hosts a Rap Battle at Her House (4 classic songs).
Casket of Star
Oriental Dark Flight
Magus Night
Master Spark
Week 3: Rap Battle Above the Moon Extremely difficult songs)
The Sea
Pure Furies
Pandemonic Planet
Mod Credits
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Mod Key Author
Bapt59: Main developer
Original Author
Touhou: Zun
Other important authors
KadeDeveloper : Kade Dev Engine
SlightlyCreative BF Soundfont
Rozebud: Reimu voices (From a mother sound of B-Sides remixes).
Btbrid01: Pico Soundfont
Thank you for your special thanks
BrightFyre: Very helpful tutorials
Midi used
kkcwkoh: Colorful Path midi
icebhm23230: Dream Battle midi
liisnoob – XG: Casket Of Star midi
aoba-ss: Oriental Dark Flight midi
gondayu: Magus Night midi
ryoya1295 - The Sea midi
Loren chan: Pure Furies Midi
Kitaichi Rei - Pandemonic Planet Midi
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Original FNF Credit
ninja_muffin99 - Programming
PhantomArcade3k, evilsk8r- ARTISTS
kawaisprite - TASTY MUSIC
AND Everyone who contributed to the Github Source.
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