Bubble Shooter

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Instructions for Bubble Shooter
This video game Bubble Shoter is probably the most well-known because it's intuitive and easy to understand. It is a mix of "Tetris", "Connect Four", and "Tetris", which is probably why it is so simple to learn the rules. Here are some notes about the rules and how you can control the game.

Bubble Shooter's goal is to get as many points possible. You must destroy colored bubbles to earn points. To burst the bubbles, you must row or connect at least three bubbles with the same color.

An arrow is located in the lower center of your gaming window. With your computer mouse, you can change the direction that this arrow points. Clicking the left mouse button will open a new bubble in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Bubble Shooter Tipps & Hints
Each time you shoot 6 more bubbles, a new row will be added to your bubble stack.
If a ball touches the bottom border, it is considered a win.
To bounce new balls at more advanced angles, you can use the borders to the left and right.
Bubbles that are separated from the rest will burst.
The upcoming bubble can be seen in the lower left corner.
Bubble Shooter has no end. The goal is to collect as much points as possible.

Mouse = Aim & Shoot