Axis Football League

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Axis Football League is a fast-paced American Football league in which you can participate in many football matches and leagues. You can choose from several AFL teams, including the San Diego Storm and New England Volunteers, as well as the New York Rockets. Each team is unique and excels in different areas of football like passing, blocking, and rushing.

You have the option to choose from many different plays and formations before you begin. You have control over the quarter back. You can choose to pass or run for the ball. If you pass, the ball will be passed on to the next player. The game is complex and full of detail. American Football fans will love it!

Date of Release
July 2010,
Axis Games is responsible for the Axis Football League.
There are many options for teams with strength information
There are many formations you can use during the game
Complete American Football gameplay
This is a web browser game.



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