13 Days In Hell

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13 Days In Hell is a game shooter that offers you control over the "picked one", with the sole objective of making it through an assault of souls in heck for 13 full days. You have to fire and also kill the spirits coming at you with their axes, or they may slice you up. As soon as your HP bar (shown on the reduced left as a cross) is drained pipes, it's game over. You have to keep shooting as well as making it through up until the day ends, which is shown by a timer at the end of the screen - the day finishes when the timer reaches no. You can buy brand-new tools after each day making use of the souls you've eliminated as money. These weapons are practical as daily, stronger souls with different patterns will follow you. Endure via the 13 days and also fulfill your function as the chosen one to figure out what remains in store for you!



Action Shooting Strategy